Digital Signage Networks – Raspberry Pi

What Is Raspberry Pi and What Does It Mean for Digital Signage?

You may have heard about Raspberry Pi (or you soon will) and wonder about what it is. Well, it’s a credit card-sized computer that can also be configured as a dongle that was originally developed as a platform for electronics projects including student projects. It works with many programming languages including Basic, C, Java, Perl and Python.

One of the interesting capabilities from a digital signage network standpoint is that it also supports high-definition (HD) video. That means that a Raspberry Pi unit configured with WiFi can be plugged into the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port of a digital display to power a wireless digital signage display.

Raspberry Pi is offered by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, which has an excellent site dedicated to explaining the technology and offering links to resources. Wikipedia also has a good overview of the technology on the Raspberry Pi page.

Does anyone have experience with Raspberry Pi (for any purpose – not just digital signage)? If so, drop a comment.

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Digital Signage for Employee Communications

Digital Signage Supplements other Communications

Somewhat related to my comments on “persistent presence” last week ran an article last Monday, “Nobody’s reading those files” that discusses how digital signage for employee communications reaches through. It’s an excellent overview of how digital signage is effective and efficient, targets communications, is timely and hassle free. I recommend giving the article a look.

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Digital Signage Networks

Digital Signage Media Players Enhance Networks

When we first started out eleven years ago digital signage was primarily driven by personal computers – sometimes new ones but more often than not older ones that were put back into service. Since then the trend is to small, powerful media players that are optimized to deliverer digital signage over a variety of networks including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. They can also operate in standalone mode if the Internet connection is lost. StrandVision remotely manages our media player systems for highly reliable operations.

With the recent withdrawal of Microsoft support for XP systems there’s an even more compelling reason to move off of old PCs and onto specialized media players since most of the players are Linux-based, and now beginning to be Android-based, they are more reliable and less prone to security issues.

Stop by or give us a call at 715-235-7446 (SIGN), we’d be happy to talk about digital signage player and some of our other network and display hardware

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Digital Signs

Digital Signage Delivers “Passive Persistent Presence”

Virtually every type of promotion requires some proactive actions by the viewer. You have to turn your TV on (and then actually choose to sit through the commercials); Web users have to choose to go to a site or a search engine; people have to pick up a newspaper or a magazine.

But, digital signage is different. It’s the only medium that has a passive, persistent presence for both promotional and informational messages. Employees only have to show up to work to receive repeated digital signage employee communications messaging about benefits or events. Digital signage can be delivered in the background as they go through their everyday activities. They don’t have to look for it – they don’t have to seek it out. If properly placed, the signage is a presence throughout the day. The same applies to digital signage marketing in waiting rooms in-store and hotel lobby signage – just by going through their normal activities viewers are exposed to the messaging. To my mind, this is a distinguishing characteristic of digital signage.

What do you think? Post a comment to the blog.

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Digital Signage

The Internet of Things and Digital Signage

You see “The Internet of Things” (IoT) everywhere these days. That’s where everything from your toaster and refrigerator to the locks on your house and car are interconnected and controlled over the Internet. Digital Signage Today recently ran a short article recapping some Gartner Research findings related to how digital signage fits in with IoT. See At StrandVision Digital Signage we’re tracking these developments and expanding our universe of connected display technologies and data sources as this tremendous information universe comes together.

To hear more about StrandVision’s patented digital signage technology and using digital signage networks in your organization, visit or call 715-235-7446 (SIGN).

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Digital Signage Networks

FCC Offers Schools Additional Wi-Fi Funding

In yesterday’s post I talked about some ideas for digital signage in education. Coincidentally I learned that the Federal Communications Commission has changed the E-Rate program. For those of you not familiar with e-Rate it was implemented in 1997 and largely funded pagers and phones for schools. (That’s right, pagers!). It’s now (finally)  redirecting its $2.4 billion funding to broadband and Wi-Fi and kicking in an additional $2 billion for Wi-Fi. Although this doesn’t directly apply to digital signage for schools it does support the backbone network that supports digital signage networks. We’re excited about it.

Here’s an EdSurge article that sums up the changes:

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Digital Signage for Education

StrandVision Digital Signage Offers Schools Innovative Ways to Reach Students and the Community

Last week StrandVision Digital Signage posted a white paper called “Put Your Old Cable TV Network to Work Delivering 21st Century Digital Signage Communications” that discusses ways to use existing cable TV and other installed networks for digital signage in education. It even talks about how to extend digital signage over the Web to students’ and parents’ home and work computers, mobile devices and other alternate distribution options. It also offers ideas on engaging students using embedded Quick Response (QR) codes to offer trivia contests and other interactive activities for their mobile phones.


To hear more about digital signage for your organization, please give us a call at 715-235-7446 (SIGN) or visit

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Employee Communications


StrandVision Digital Signage Enhances Viewers’ Experiences with Signage Content Trivia Facts and Questions

StrandVision Digital Signage announced a new, no-cost trivia library to its electronic signage offerings. The trivia is organized by topics, such as sports, food, animals, plants, hobbies – scores of different categories – and randomly presented as either “factoid” statements and/or trivia questions.The trivia is presented as either a statement or as a multiple choice question that offers the answers and then, every few seconds, removes one of the incorrect answers until only the correct response is displayed. The trivia pages are interspersed with the regular signage content according to an administrator-defined frequency. Topics and formats can easily be added or changed at any time. It’s a great way to create interest in digital signs for employee communications and marketing.

BTW, the correct answer is “C”

Contact us today for a free digital signage software test drive – visit or call 715-235-SIGN (7446).

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Digital Signage Software

DigitalSignageToday Publishes Digital Signage Software Comparison Guide

Good news! DigitalSignageToday has published its 2014 comparison guide of digital signage software providers . The guide specifies operating systems deployment platforms, supported media types and lots of technical information, as well as contact information. The bad news is that it costs $497 for the PDF download – a reasonable price if you’re looking for a vendor and want the guidance. Of course, you can just come to StrandVision and we’ll help you out.

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Digital Signs

“Tradigital” Marketing

Normally I don’t like it when people hijack words to create new (especially marketing) words but I was taken by the title of an article that included the work “Tradigital” when referring to digital signage marketing, describing digital signage’s role as an extension of traditional marketing. Electronic signage, whether it be for marketing, employee communications, general announcements or whatever, is a good approach. It generally doesn’t fully replace other means of communication but it extends and enhances other approaches and adds persistence (repetition) that no other communications medium can offer.

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