#Twitterversary – amazing how fast 5 years of digi…

#Twitterversary – amazing how fast 5 years of digital signage tweeting goes by!

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Digital Signage Solutions

More on digital signage solutions for hotels

Yesterday I talked tongue in cheek about robots as potential digital signage platforms as they move about the property to make deliveries to hotel guest rooms. It’s possible, more likely probable, over the longer term. I want to point out that digital signs are already everywhere in hotels for way finding and for promotional purposes, meeting room notices, menus, welcoming and for back-of-house employee communications. Hotel digital signs are also being used to post Internet-updated shuttle and city bus schedules, airline schedules and delays, and any number of dynamic information sources for convention and leisure hotels.

The displays themselves are already on the move in elevators and the digital signage networks are connected to the cable head ends that feed the guest room information channels, as well as video walls, pedestal displays and outdoor displays. We’re just scratching the surface on digital signage solutions for hotels.

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Digital Signage Players

Rudimentary Robots

Have you been following the recent news stories on robots (not to mention drones)? There were a couple over the last few weeks: one, called, Jibo, is a home companion; the other, Botlr, is used in hotels to deliver items to guest rooms. I don’t know about you but these things kind of freak me out. Having said that, I can’t avoid thinking about how they can be used as digital signage display platforms.

When I talked about “passive persistent presence” the other day I never thought about robots that could literally chase you down a hallway. Maybe I should change it to “active persistent presence.”

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Digital Signage Content

What not to do in digital signage

DigitalSignageToday.com recently ran an article by Tanya Williams of Digital Conversations with the intriguing tittle of “What not to do in digital signage” in which she talks about matching digital signage content to the intended audience. It’s worth your while to take a few minutes to read what she has to say. Just click on the hyperlinked title above.

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Digital Signage

Thoughts about Things to Come

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve mentioned Android and Raspberry Pi digital signage network and player solutions on this blog and it got me to thinking. Since I started StrandVision more than 10 years ago I’ve witnessed a parade of technology improvements that have made digital signage content delivery easier, more efficient and less costly. Just the concept of delivering digital signage content over the Internet was new 10 years ago – now it’s the way to go. I know that technology will continue to march forward with smaller, better devices and software and I know it will be exciting but I can’t predict the specifics. I guess that’s what keeps things interesting.

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Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Signs Put Business Information to Work

I happened to notice the announcement of an upcoming Gartner presentation at the Data+ Conference in September, Gartner is a technology research company that reports on business issues. Anyway, the catchy headline is that Gartner estimates that only 1% of businesses data is currently being analyzed. In keeping with my “Hammer” blog posting this past Monday it got me to thinking about how digital signage can address not the analytics part but the information distribution part of the equation especially for manufacturers. StrandVision systems have been used to show safety statistics (days without reportable accidents), production statistics by department and other business metrics to employees so that they can see the results of their work and get on board with quality, safety and production goals. Digital signage also can have a role in actual operations. Our digital signage displays have been installed on loading dock to show truck arrival, wait times and dispatch information giving lots of information on shipment progress – think of an airline schedule board on steroids. Once again, the potential for digital signage is limited only by the imagination.

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Digital Signage Displays

4K Displays Are Here? Are they Worth It for Digital Signage?

The answer in my opinion is – it depends. 4K displays (generally with 3840 x 2160 resolution or higher) have four times the resolution density of full HD. They’re ideal for large formats and smaller-sized displays that show visuals that require the highest levels of resolution. Even for normal visual content the crispness of the images is noticeable and impressive.

So is 4K worth it for digital signage displays? In some cases, it’ll be necessary, in other cases, it comes down to a question of presentation quality and cost. A few major considerations:

  • 4K displays are expensive
  • There is limited native 4K content
  • 4K content requires significantly more storage space and bandwidth for distribution.

Here’s a good, quick overview of 4K displays on TechRadar. It’s consumer-oriented, but will give you the idea.

Do you have any experience with 4K displays? Post a comment to the blog.

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Digital Signage Industry

Digital Signage Symposium in September

The Digital Screenmedia Association “Connected Experiences” Symposium will be held in Dallas, TX on September 22-23. The symposium offers digital signage industry updates, as well as educational and networking opportunities. You can get more information at: http://www.digitalscreenmedia.org/

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Digital Signage Solutions

StrandVision Introduces Digital Signage Content Highlighting with New Page Border Feature

StrandVision Digital digital_signage_content_highlightingSignage today announced a visitor and employee communication enhancement that highlights new pages and updates to existing pages with color-coded borders in order to alert viewers that new digital signage content is being displayed. The user-configurable feature is available at no cost to all StrandVision Digital Signage subscribers, as well as free digital signage test drive participants.

The feature automatically adds a red New Content Highlight Border to the pages and/or frames when additions or changes are made to the digital signage page mix; the border fades through to yellow and then disappears after three days under the default setting. Visit http://www.strandvision.com/digital_signage_content_highlighing.html to read the press release.

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Digital Signage Players

Raspberry Pi Digital Signage Media Players Coming to Market

When we first started out eleven years ago digital signage was primarily driven by personal computers – sometimes new ones but more often than not older ones that were put back into service. Since then the trend is to small, powerful media players that are optimized to deliver digital signage content over a variety of network topologies including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. They can also operate in standalone mode if the Internet connection is lost. StrandVision remotely manages our media player systems for highly reliable operations.

With the recent withdrawal of Microsoft support for XP systems there’s an even more compelling reason to move off of old PCs and onto specialized media players. The market is in the beginning stages of decisively moving to highly specialized Raspberry Pi HD digital signage players that are both low-cost and very effective.

Stop by www.StrandVision.com or give us a call at 715-235-7446 (SIGN). We’d be happy to talk about digital signage players and some of our other network and display hardware.

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