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Inside the Digital Signage Network

There’s an awful lot of terminology to understand when you’re looking into digital signage and advertising in the digital age. While it helps to understand some of the terms, the world of digital advertising is really quite straightforward. One of the most basic terms in the field is digital signage network. A network is a set of computers that are linked together to share information, so one in the digital signage field would be in the business of operating digital advertising between computers.

A Digital Signage Network from StrandVision

In the world of the Internet, digital signage can mean everything. Getting your message out through a digital signage network from StrandVision is absolutely beneficial to your advertising contingency. Digital advertising is most assuredly the future of marketing in today’s world, so you need to learn how to use all of the resources at your disposal. This starts with understanding the terms and goes to understanding how to implement them in an applicable way to your business. StrandVision can help you with this implementation process, so visit them online at

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Mike is president of StrandVision Digital Signage. He has a wealth of Business Marketing experience with over 11 years in electronic digital signage and 13 years in bar coding with his previously sold company StrandWare.
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