Digital Signage Network

Setting up a Digital Signage Network

If you want to have multiple digital signs operating in your business, you will need a digital signage network.  This is created when you wire several different monitors into a single computer.  You may need to have channel combiners to allow feeds from different servers.  You will also need multiple splitters so that your video card signal can be divided into multiple signals for the different monitors.  Depending on the type of monitor, you may need other conversion equipment to allow the signal to be displayed.

Information Displayed on a Digital Signage Network

One business that benefits greatly from a digital signage network is a call center.  The digital signage allows you to display the number of calls currently in the queue as well as the total hold time for these calls.  To see all of the benefits of digital signage, please visit Strand Vision online, where you can view the requirements and options available for your own digital signage.

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