Employee Communication

Employment Staffing Agencies use Digital Signage for Employee Communication

Using digital signage in a lobby to inform job applicants and employees about position postings is a great employee communication tool for employment staffing agencies. The digital sign can display a number of messages, including interviewing tips, safety information, training schedules and other items of interest. The signage can also be used to welcome prospective clients when they visit the office.

Digital Signs Present Important Employee Communication Messages

Prospective applicants and employees can be in an employment staffing agency for a few minutes or several hours if applying for specific positions or participating in training orientations. A digital sign provides an opportunity to maximize the wait time and present them with important employee communication information. The digital sign can display job search, resume and interview basics, recap job market information and employment survey results as well as remind visitors of cash bonus referral programs. To hear more about how StrandVision can help your agency with digital signage for employee communication, go to www.StrandVision.com.

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