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Digital Signage Network – Interact with Mobile Phones

As you’ll read at Wikipedia, digital signage can interact with mobile phones. Using SMS messaging and Bluetooth, some networks are increasing the interactivity of the audience. SMS messages can be used to post messages on the displays, while Bluetooth allows users to interact directly with what they see on screen. In addition to mobile interactivity, networks are also using technology that integrates social and location-based media interactivity. This technology enables end users to send Twitter and Flickr messages as well as text messages to the displays. Some signs use 3D displays that operate using a technology called autostereoscopy, which allow the viewer to see a 3D image without using special glasses.

Digital Signage Network – Local and Wide Area Networks Options and Solutions

Building and campus-wide digital signage is typically delivered over installed Local and Wide Area Networks (LANs & WANs) and today’s in-house networks have the bandwidth to carry the content of any reasonably efficient digital signage system. Generally, systems integrators with VoIP systems experience can set up a digital signage system in his or her sleep – systems integrators with just networking experience may have to stay awake, but only for an hour or so. The installation is straightforward and has the potential to expand your service offerings and generate significant service revenue. For more information about how to set up a digital signage network, please visit

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