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What to expect when you’re expecting digital signage

The past year has been a busy and interesting one for the digital signage world — but we’ve already lived through that one. Now it’s time to start getting ready for the next go-round, and to turn our heads to what we can expect from the coming year, 2012.

And for that we at turned to a variety of industry figures for their predictions on what to expect when you’re expecting to work in digital signage in 2012. (We’ll also be following up with a look back at some of the year’s coolest deployments and perhaps another look at the top trends to come in the year ahead.) From Alan Brawn, principal at Brawn Consulting:

In terms of 2012 I think we will see several trends that will increase in their importance over the next year:

1. From a display technology point of view we will see a rapid rise in the use of more affordable video walls. We will also see the adoption of higher brightness flat panels in the 1000 nit range all the way up to 3,500 nits. Autostereoscopic 3-D without glasses will begin a slow but steady increase as the technology improves. Finally we will see many more clear LCD displays in use coming from Samsung and LG.

2. Interactivity will become the norm, and we will see several unique configurations such as the touch table move into the market. To read more, visit:

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