Employee Communication

Employee Communication – Emergency Notifications

Digital Signage for Emergency Schedule notifications is an important addition to any

organization’s emergency notification/evacuation communications planning mix.

The signage can give detailed location-specific instructions to employees and

visitors. It is ideal for fire and tornado drills and evacuations, and can also

be used for other non-emergency notifications, such as to announce visiting

dignitaries. Administrators have full control to design the required notices

and override the normal digital signage display in order to communicate

directly with viewers.

Emergency Notifications for Employee Communication

StrandVision’s “Emergency Schedule” feature enables administrators to create immediate or preset emergency notification content that can be recalled and activated for

distribution over the StrandVision digital signage network within minutes. It

is ideal for schools and colleges, industrial and commercial operations, retail

and healthcare facilities. It offers dynamic, up-to-the-minute user-created

emergency notifications of a single to several pages that can be activated for

display as needed. To learn more about how you can use the Emergency Schedule

feature for your employee communication, visit us at www.StrandVision.com or call 715-235-7446.

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