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Servers and Players – Digital Signage

The choices for digital signage range from relatively simple standalone media players with only local connectivity to centrally located, rackmounted servers that feed programming and scheduling programs to local channel players that store their instructions and play their media in a semi-autonomous fashion. Most players and servers incorporate embedded Windows operating systems, and many of them include software applications that facilitate content authoring, display design, and program scheduling. Remote management is typically via wired Ethernet, Wi-Fi, RS-232 serial ports, and WAN connectivity. To read more of Bennett Liles’s article, visit:

 Digital Signage – International customers

StrandVision has a capability that allows its international customers to use their native language keyboards just as they do when they type information into Web pages, as well as for English speaking customers to provide marketing or employee communication information in the languages used by their visitors and staff. The StrandVision web server automatically recognizes and adapts the keyboard language to the UTF-8 standard and presents the correct characters on all of the customer’s digital signage screens. Visit us at or call 715-235-7446 (SIGN) to learn more about a digital signage player for your organization.

About Mike

Mike is president of StrandVision Digital Signage. He has a wealth of Business Marketing experience with over 11 years in electronic digital signage and 13 years in bar coding with his previously sold company StrandWare.
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