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NFC coming on strong

Near Field Communication (NFC) is moving out of the realm of the hypothetical and into the realm of reality for retailers. As a result, it is now necessary for retailers to prepare to capitalize on NFC-enabled technology, according to blogger Leslie Hand.

Swiping phones to get offers or to pay for things will soon be popular, but other capabilities such as mobile check-in, coupon management and product information/warranty look-up are shoo-ins for rapid adoption because of the customer benefits. To read more, visit:

Digital Signage – Industrial Distributors

Industrial, electrical, plumbing, trucking, construction and other distributors – increase sales, receive coop advertising dollars from vendors, display new products or services, improve point-of-purchase materials, and give your customers important news and weather info. To hear more about StrandVision’s digital signage software solutions for your business or industry, visit or call 715-235-7446 (SIGN).

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