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Supermarkets changing strategies to compete with ecommerce

Large supermarkets are changing strategies as customers begin to shop online instead of going to hypermarkets.

The days of massive stores are over, according to Tesco Extra’s chief executive Phil Clarke. The market share of the U.K.’s biggest retailer is now at its lowest level since 2005. Tesco had been beating rivals by opening huge stores across the country, but that strategy may now be hurting it, according to The Guardian.

Industry insiders have said that it was a mistake for any supermarket, including Tesco, to open stores larger than 60,000-70,000 square feet since it’s a challenge to fill them with enticing products when many things sell better online. To read more, visit:

Digital Signage Network – Retail Organizations

There’s a wealth of possible Digital Signage content for retail organizations, including:

•Paid advertising by suppliers

•Current and upcoming specials – including limited time offers

•Customer endorsements

•Business hours

•Local and national news

•Employee recognition and awards

•Community involvement

•Rewards program

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