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Just when the U.S. digital outdoor advertising business might have thought things couldn’t get any worse, in terms of opposition to its rollouts, a new and unlikely foe has emerged: Arizona’s astronomical community, worried that light pollution from roadside installations will hinder the work of telescopes.

This may prove to be a solar storm in a teacup. Legislation that would once again allow digital billboards on the state’s highways has already passed both houses of the legislature (although the governor could still quash it, as recently happened in South Dakota).

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2 Responses to Digital Signs

  1. Jeff Black says:

    I can understand that light pollution can affect the view of the stars and as an outdoorsman, I love looking at the sky. However, have studies been done that show how much additional light pollution there would have to be before there was any type of visual affect? I’m curious to know if one or even 20 billboards spread throughout a city would cause any more of a problem than there already is.

  2. Mike says:

    Our home is in the country, so I too enjoy looking at the night sky. I am not sure what research has been done on this, and although this impacts our business and that of many others, I personally think that this legislation must be carefully thought through. I agree with you that these billboards would make no virtually no impact in a city, but could do some in the country along highways. I am no astronomer, but it would seem that a billboard would be a relatively small amount of light – and are probably less than those older billboards where the light faces up.

    I personally feel that billboards that have the ability to be animated like televisions on the side of the road can substantially distract drivers which is already bad enough with happy meals and cell phones. Legislation should at minimum require that ads remain static and on screen for at least 5 seconds to help prevent some of the distraction.

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