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StrandVision Surpasses Five Billion Digital Signage Content Pages

StrandVision Digital Signage recently announced that it has served more than 5,000,000,000 pages of digital signage content to its customers. The milestone, which was reached on July 5 at 8:33:42 a.m. central time, is the result of an ever-increasing customer base, multiple digital signage feeds across customer sites around the world and an accelerating number of pages and information that its customers are streaming to their respective customers, visitors and employees over their digital signage networks. The signage messages are being displayed via physical digital signage players and displays, employee browser home pages and virtual screens on internal and external Web sites..

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South Korean shopping mall implements facial recognition at kiosks

South Korea is paving the way for retail use of facial-recognition technology, according to an article on The International Finance Center Mall in Seoul has transformed its 26 information kiosks into LCD touchscreens with cameras and motion detectors.

When a shopper approaches the kiosk, a camera tracks their movement while the system compares their face against a database of 5,000 people with their sex and age identified — along with about 1,000 pieces of information such as facial shape, wrinkles and distance between eyes. The software can then estimate the person’s age and gender and targets them with personalized, interactive advertisements for restaurants and stores, the article reported.

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