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Thousands of masterpieces diversify StrandVision’s digital signage

StrandVision is distributing and seamlessly integrating all of the famous paintings from Cumedin ApS available through

The thousands of digital artwork images featured on ArtPlayer include the most famous works from the great art movements: Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Symbolism, Expressionism, Realism, Abstract and Cubism by the greatest artists, such as Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir, Klimt, Bouguereau, Gauguin, Cezanne, Tissot, Bierstadt, Modigliani and many more. This partnership allows StrandVision customers to schedule the artwork to be shown as a sequential gallery or as individual pieces interspersed with other digital signage messages. StrandVision customers can use the artwork displays to generate ambiance in customer environments and stimulate creativity in employee break areas. They are creative additions that enhance StrandVision Digital Signage displays in lobbies, reception areas, restaurants, hotels, banks, convention centers, museums, libraries, hospitals, clinics and nursing homes, as well as in employee break rooms for corporate internal communications applications. To hear more about a digital signage network for your organization, please give us a call at 715-235-7446 (SIGN) or visit

Outdoor Displays – Heat and Humidity

Some LCDs are specifically rated to operate at temperatures of 20, 27, 43 or 50 C (68, 80, 110 or 122 F). The higher the rating, the better. Embedded electronics, including the media player, data modem and/or reouter, will need to be rated for the display’s internal temperature. ‘Sealed displays are preferable. These will prevent condensation from forming inside the cover glass, as well as keeping out rain, snow, dirt, brake dust, car fumes and other airborne contaminants. They also can be washed down safely when needed. To read more of Pter Kaszycki’s article, see the November 2012 issue of Sign Media Canada or visit:

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Mike is president of StrandVision Digital Signage. He has a wealth of Business Marketing experience with over 11 years in electronic digital signage and 13 years in bar coding with his previously sold company StrandWare.
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