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JCDecaux, Clear Channel Outdoor duking it out over digital billboards in Chicago

Rival out-of-home titans are fighting over a proposed 20-year digital billboard “monopoly” in Chicago, according to The Chicago Sun-Times.

The Chicago City Council is deliberating Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan to sign a 20-year digital billboard agreement with a 10-year renewal option with French out-of-home agency JCDecaux, but critics, among them rival out-of-home giant Clear Channel Outdoor, say the move would cost the city millions of dollars a year.

The deal also would give JCDecaux “first right of refusal” on sites for digital billboards chosen by competitors, according to The Sun-Times. Clear Channel Outdoor representatives also questioned “giving a foreign company a monopoly on digital billboards” for potentially 30 years when the industry norm is five- to seven-year deals.

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