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Digital Signage for Retail Stores

Advertising is expensive and reaches many people who will never set foot in your store. That’s why StrandVision Digital Signage is tailor-made for retailers. Customers are already in your store but they may not know all of the items that you carry.

Just as endcap displays help sell products, digital signs are great for letting customers know about in-store specials, weekly flyer discounts, double coupons, preferred shopper promotions, etc. Digital signage can also be a revenue generator. Many vendors are eager to pay to run their ads on your digital signage system at the point of sale.

Digital signs enable you to support the community, as well. You can promote local organizations or donations and corporate/employee community involvement. Ideas for retail digital signage are limited only by your imagination. It’s inexpensive, perfectly suited to sell impulse products and easy to update and maintain. To hear more about StrandVision’s digital signage software solutions for your retail store, visit or call 715-235-7446 (SIGN).

Les Mousquetaires launches retail digital signage TV channel

French retail group Les Mousquetaires has launched an in-store TV channel based on the digital signage software solution Media4Display to animate the digital communications for their Intermarché stores, according to an announcement from Media4Display’s French software publisher, Telelogos. The creation of this TV channel dedicated to the retail outlets is a way to harmonize the brand’s digital communication, while boosting its national and local sales offers, the company said.

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