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Digital Signage for Banks and Credit Unions

Alternatively known as dynamic signage, electronic signage, multi-media merchandising or narrowcasting, networks of digital signs are becoming commonplace in banks and credit unions across America.

Smaller credit unions with limited budgets are implementing low cost LCD panels and/or traditional CRTs in conjunction with traditional product displays. Larger financial institutions are often opting for more impressive built-in displays including rear projection TVs, large LCDs, and plasmas.

Bank and credit union marketing directors have found they like the flexibility of digital merchandising because they can easily change the content and keep it fresh. There are tremendous business marketing and bank customer service opportunities for digital signage behind the teller line and in any waiting area at your bank or credit union. Digital merchandising communicates in more efficient and compelling ways than traditional merchandising and can even reward the patronage of your customers with educational and entertaining content. To hear more about StrandVision’s digital signage solutions for your bank or credit union, visit or call 715-235-7446 (SIGN).

China Construction Bank to deploy MicroTiles array in Beijing Data Center

Visual display solutions provider Christie is set to light up the command center of China Construction Bank’s Beijing Data Center with a 29-meter wide by 0.9-meter high video wall using 216 Christie MicroTiles. Set in a three-units-by-72-units array, the Christie MicroTiles will go into full-fledged operation before the Spring Festival, according to a Christie announcement.

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