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Mercy Center Streams StrandVision Digital Signage to Residents’ Rooms

Mercy Center Nursing Unit in Dallas, PA includes a skilled nursing facility and a personal care unit. Operated by the Sisters of Mercy for both religious and lay people, it offers care that is centered around compassion and tenderness in an atmosphere that treats each person with dignity and respect for the sacredness of life. Mercy Center turned to StrandVision to help communicate with the residents. Each resident’s room is equipped with comfortable furniture and a television that carries the local cable TV service, as well as an in-house channel that Mercy Center can use for private programming within the institution.

StrandVision Digital Signage offers a free digital signage software trial account for religious institutions. This includes sample content templates and personalized assistance to get your digital signage network up and running.

To hear more about StrandVision’s digital signage solutions for your healthcare organization, visit or call 715-235-7446 (SIGN).

McDonald’s Europe testing wireless charging pads

Customers at McDonald’s restaurants around Europe can now charge their wireless/mobile devices at their table. According to Know Your Mobile, the chain is testing the service, provided by PowerKiss wireless, at select restaurants throughout Europe.

The service is based on Qi technology standards.

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