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Manzano High School Turns to StrandVision Digital Signage for Student Communication

Manzano High School has installed a digital signage system using StrandVision Digital Signage software. The system reaches students in six public areas and is also available in several classrooms across the campus.

Like many schools, Manzano had a cable television network that was underutilized. Staff recognized the potential of the cable system to augment daily announcements, posters and other communications in order to let students know about upcoming events and build school spirit by recognizing student clubs, activities and achievements.

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Wayfinding digital signage kiosk runs on sun

A wayfinding digital signage kiosk running on the Sunshine State’s most abundant natural resource is reducing the University of Florida’s carbon footprint while assisting students and visitors outside of the school’s college of engineering.

With an assist from solar farms strategically placed around campus and from Ireland’s EcoTech Computers, UF recently deployed a solar-powered touchscreen kiosk at its Gainesville, Fla., campus.

The Eco solar kiosk is a self-contained system that draws its power requirements directly from a solar array and stores the collected energy in its 135AH deep cycle battery bank, allowing kiosk usability even in times of little to no sun exposure.

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