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Warren County Community College Reaches Students/Visitors with StrandVision Digital Signage

Warren County Community College (WCCC) is a fast-growing institution that serves its 1,800 students and the local community. Administrators are always looking for new ways to communicate and they determined that a digital signage system would reflect WCCC’s vitality.

Lamont Rouse, Director of Institutional Research and Grants, noticed the growth of digital communications systems at community colleges as he traveled throughout New Jersey. He wanted “a communications campaign to internal and external audiences.” Lamont also saw digital signs as a way to promote brand identity and “capture” visitors to the campus.

He began to wonder how he could bring the technology to WCCC. He ran across an article on digital signs in University Business magazine that mentioned StrandVision and other companies.

He continued to research the market and concluded that StrandVision was the best fit for the institution.

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2012 in review: That was the digital signage year that was

From the London Olympics to the New York hurricane, 2012 has been quite a year for digital signage. The industry has seen its share of big stories — from a tech giant selling off its digital signage division to the Supreme Court upholding Obamacare and what that should mean for digital menu boards — and in the coming weeks Digital Signage Today will be taking a long look back at the digital signage year that was in 2012.

The year-end review kicks off today with a cross-section of digital signage thought leaders offering up their answers to one simple question: “What would you say was the biggest digital signage news story or trend of the last year?”

Most of these same thought leaders also answered the question “What do you see as the biggest digital signage trend or story coming in 2013?” and some of them combined their answers to answer both at the same time.

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