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StrandVision Digital Signage affords the ability to incorporate events scheduling information directly into its digital signage software. The new feature works with most events management software products, including Delphi, and can be customized to support proprietary and in-house developed meeting and event scheduling and sales systems.

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Digital billboards respond to Boston Marathon bombing

Digital billboards, fairly or unfairly, catch their share of flak and then some.

But there are times when their dynamism and adaptability shine through in ways that are simply impossible for any static medium.

Unfortunately, Monday, April 15, in Boston was one of those times, as the spectacle of determination and achievement that is the Boston Marathon was rent by explosions that killed several people and injured scores of others.

Clear Channel Outdoor Boston already was using its billboards to promote the event and wish runners luck on race day, even giving a shout out one of its own employees running in the marathon. And after the bombing took place, Clear Channel Outdoor Boston right away put its digital billboards to community use, warning motorists away from Copley Square, the site of the bombing, and turning screen time over to the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency as is its habit in extreme situations.The company also used its billboards to notify Bostonians of other issues, such as changes to previously scheduled events, and to post inspirational messages or images the next day. Also the next day, digital billboard operators around the country — both Clear Channel and others — began using their digital billboards to send messages of support to the beleaguered metropolis.

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