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Mercy Center Streams StrandVision Digital Signage to Residents’ Rooms

StrandVision Digital Signage and Mercy Center Nursing Unit, Inc. announced that StrandVision digital signage is being used to stream information to residents’ rooms over the facility’s cable TV system. Mercy Center, a 140-bed facility, is comprised of a skilled nursing unit and a personal care unit. Owned by the Sisters of Mercy, Mercy Center offers a caring and compassionate environment for its residents.

The Internet-based system, installed by Guyette Communications Industries Corp. of Plymouth, Pa., carries information programming for Mercy Center’s 140 residents that includes a welcome message, as well as menus, activities, date, time and weather, bingo numbers and special events, such as birthdays and holiday greetings. Residents simply select the in-house channel on their television sets. The channel also is used to broadcast daily Mass.

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How to make mobile work for digital signage (and vice versa), pt. 1

Mobile phones are in everyone’s hands, back pockets and purses — so brands and marketers everywhere want to tap into the mobile channel to get to those hands and their wallets. Digital signage can get lost in the marketing mix between online and mobile, but some in the space tout digital signage as the best way to activate the mobile channel.

But how?

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