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Digital Signage Content Design Tip

Text: Keep it short. Each page should present only one idea or list and do it clearly and succinctly. Use a large, readable text font that will be readable by your audience from their normal viewing distance. Use text colors that contrast well. For instance, you would use a larger font with very high contrasting colors for a senior center than you would for an office or health club.

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Are checkout impulse buys a mobile casualty?

The following is an excerpt from a recent conversation on RetailWire, reproduced here with kind permission.

According to a recent Bloomberg article, sales of magazines, gum and other items typically stocked near grocery checkout counters have fallen sharply over the last year and a half. The possible culprit: smartphones occupying shoppers’ attention during wait times.

The problem of “mobile blinders is a huge factor,” Marshal Cohen, an analyst at NPD Group, told Bloomberg. “Companies have to rethink the in-store experience.”

The article stated that stores are already seeking alternatives to impulse buying at the checkout counter. For instance,

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