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With Digital Signage consider the display units

When using digital signage, consider the display units you’re going to use. Traditional televisions and older computer screens have a 4:3 aspect ratio (the ratio of the width to the height) while LCD and plasma displays and some computer and laptop displays use a wider, more movie screen-like 16:9 aspect ratio. This affects all of your designs and means that you should not mix traditional and wide screen digital signs on the same network if possible.

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The future of ‘green’ screens in digital signage

Digital signage can replace printed materials, which is a gain for the environment. But they require electricity, which is a drain on the environment. They reduce the need for inks and other chemicals used in printing and posting static signs, but they increase the use of plastic and metal.

And in today’s more environmentally conscious marketplace, end-users such as retailers and colleges are thinking about these things, because their customers are thinking about these things.

So how are digital signage screens going to become more environmentally friendly, to increase their attractiveness in the marketplace?

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