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Automated Time-Based Counter using Digital Signage Software

A Count-Up/Down digital signage software feature is useful for announcing the time until a meeting or church service starts, cruise or bus departures, theater and movie start times, store and office openings and other scheduled events. It is also an excellent automated way to count milestones, safety achievements, sales goals and sweepstakes deadlines. Users can specify time in progressively smaller elements starting in years, and then adding months, day, hours, minutes and seconds. As an example, a safety milestone can be displayed as 1 year, 3 months, and 7 days. The Count Up/Down page offers several variable text areas, including “Message for Before Event” and “Message for After Event” text fields that are tied to the Count Up/Down clock. To learn more about how Digital Signage Software can help you communicate to your customers, visitors or employees, check out

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Putting the ‘context’ into mobile with digital signage (Part I)

Five years ago a new era of mobile was born when Apple launched the 3G iPhone and iTunes App Store. This one event became the foundations of a game-changing ecosystem that provided consumers with near seamless access to a plethora of mobile experiences.

Since the creation of this new ecosystem, nearly a million mobile apps have been developed, tens of billions of apps have been downloaded and innumerable mobile experiences have been created.

What has all of this innovation meant for consumers?

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