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Digital Signage — Cost Effective advertising that reaches customers when they are ready to buy

Just as endcap displays help sell products, digital signs are great for letting customers know about in-store specials, weekly flyer discounts, double coupons, preferred shopper promotions, etc. Digital signage can also be a revenue generator. Many vendors are eager to pay to run their ads on your digital signage system at the point of sale.

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Putting the ‘custom’ back in customer

Today, rumbles are being heard about the death of brick-and-mortar retail. Marc Andreessen, co-founder of Netscape and Silicon Valley investor, said a month ago, “Retail guys are going to go out of business and ecommerce will become the place everyone buys. You are not going to have a choice.

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About Mike

Mike is president of StrandVision Digital Signage. He has a wealth of Business Marketing experience with over 11 years in electronic digital signage and 13 years in bar coding with his previously sold company StrandWare.
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