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StrandVision Debuts Smart Phone Digital Signage Status Monitoring

StrandVision Digital Signage has announced an innovative digital signage utility that enables electronic sign administrators to monitor the status of their StrandVision Digital Signage networks via a desktop PC or a smart phone from anywhere and at any time. The new notification utility employs familiar and easily understood stoplight icons to indicate overall and individual digital media player status. Green obviously signals normal operations; Yellow indicates a potential problem that usually has not yet affected signage operation; Red indicates a communication or player issue that has put the digital media player in automatic recovery mode while it waits for updates. 

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With eBay, digital displays replace the store altogether

Eye-catching window displays used to be a way for brick-and-mortar stores to show off merchandise and attract consumers inside to shop. EBay is turning window displays into replacements for the entire store. 

According to Reuters, eBay will be launching “shoppable windows,” display screens installed in the windows of closed stores that consumers can use to browse and buy. Their purchases will then be delivered to them via a courier. Couriers will accept payment using PayPal Here, the mobile point of sale solution offered by eBay’s PayPal division. 

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