Employee Communication

Improve Productivity with Motivated Employees through Consistent Messages

We’ve found that employee communications is one of the largest corporate uses for digital signage. Customer communications is also important. It can make customers aware of your full line of offerings, present specials and promotions, while improving the overall customer experience by reducing perceived wait times.

Additional digital signage uses include posting meeting times, rooms and directions, greeting VIP visitors, presenting constantly updated stock prices and safety milestones, and promoting corporate and community events.

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Digital signage sells the invisible at AT&T flagship

AT&T executives faced a challenging conundrum in how to create engagement with, and market to shoppers in-store, the kind of product that can’t be seen, heard or touched.

How they met and beat that challenge (with a significant helping hand from digital signage technology) in their flagship store was the subject of a panel discussion led by AT&T execs at this year’s Retail Customer Experience Executive Summit in San Diego.

To read more, please visit: http://www.digitalsignagetoday.com/article/218031/Digital-signage-sells-the-invisible-at-AT-T-flagship?utm_source=NetWorld%20Alliance&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=EMNADST08192013

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