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StrandVision Debuts Free Digital Signage Quick Response Codes

StrandVision Digital Signage today announced that it has integrated smart phone-readable Quick Response (QR) codes into its digital signage offering. StrandVision has incorporated a QR code generation tool into its online digital signage software administration console. 

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Casting a wider net with digital signage and NFC

Near field communications is a data-transfer technology still being touted as a solution that will allow shoppers to pay for items with their mobile phones — but it’s also been hailed as a means to transfer information from digital signage displays to people’s phones.

If someone viewing the content on the screen can tap the screen to take information with them, it both gets the brand in front of the consumer in a more intimate fashion and increases engagement with consumers, but it also provides deployers with valuable information on engagement.xxThe collegiate marketing firm Campus Solutions announced it will install “Campus Power Zones” on more than 20 college campuses across the country, featuring mobile charging stations, digital signage and interactive touchscreens. 

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