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Digital signage is cost-effective advertising that reaches customers when they are ready to buy. Digital signs enable you to support the community, as well. You can promote local organizations or donations and corporate/employee community involvement. Ideas for retail digital signage are limited only by your imagination. It’s inexpensive, perfectly suited to sell impulse products and easy to update and maintain.

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Staten Island mall shames shoplifters with display tech

Shoplifters convicted of committing crimes within the Staten Island Mall now have a consequence beyond fines and jail time — public shaming.

According to an article on, mugshots of the mall’s worst repeat shoplifters are rotating on the screens of 11 video kiosks located throughout the mall. No names accompany the photos, only text that reads, “Want to be famous? Shoplift in this mall and you could have your face right here. Stealing from any merchant at the Staten Island Mall is a crime. You will be prosecuted.”

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