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StrandVision Digital Signage Enhances Customer-Facing Front-of-House Capabilities with Events Scheduling Displays

StrandVision Digital Signage has announced the ability to incorporate events scheduling information directly into its digital signage software. The new feature works with most events management software products including Delphi and can be customized to support proprietary and in-house developed meeting and event scheduling and sales systems.

Stop by www.StrandVision.com or give us a call at 715-235-7446 (SIGN), we’d be happy to talk about how you can use digital signage for customer or employee communication at your organization.

NRF 2014 opener: Retail stores ‘meet a human need, not just a commercial one’

NEW YORK — The opening keynote at this year’s National Retail Federation Big Show began not with a photo of a smartphone or a website or any other technology, but with a photo of a 17,000-year-old cave painting.

In the session “Reimagining Main Street,” Rick Caruso, founder and CEO of retail developer Caruso Affiliated, focused on the evolutionary background of retail and the human need to socialize, and talked at length about how retailers need to return their focus to it.xxA major trend in store design has been movement toward digital signage, a catch-all term here defined as using monitors and glowing screens of various sizes and configurations (and resolutions) to convey video-powered imagery and messages as shoppers walk by. It is the billboard come to life, and a seemingly great way for brands to re-use video assets and commercials they have already paid dearly for.

To read more, please visit: http://www.retailcustomerexperience.com/article/225975/NRF-2014-opener-Retail-stores-meet-a-human-need-not-just-a-commercial-one?utm_source=NetWorld%20Alliance&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=EMNARCE01152014

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