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StrandVision Helps Weastec Communicate To Associates

StrandVision LLC has announced that Weastec, Inc – a division of Toyo Denso Co. Ltd. has deployed StrandVision Digital Signage through their intranet at its facility in Hillsboro, Ohio, as well as a satellite sales office in Dublin, Ohio. In addition to the operational, benefits and performance information that management posts several times per day, the StrandVision system automatically updates local weather and news, as well as an automotive industry news feed provided by StrandVision. The system also communicates emergency alerts if needed.

Stop by www.StrandVision.com or give us a call at 715-235-7446 (SIGN), we’d be happy to talk about how you can use digital signage for customer or employee communication at your organization.

When XP gets the axe, then what?

The overwhelming majority of ATM operators around the world will find themselves in between one of two spots on April 8:

1) a rock.

2) a hard place.

The reason: Of 90 percent of the world’s ATMs that are driven by Windows XP, 85 percent will be out of compliance with PCI standards as of April 8, as per PCI DSS Requirement 6.2:

Ensure that all system components and software are protected from known vulnerabilities by installing applicable vendor-supplied security patches. Install critical security patches within one month of release.

So, for the sake of argument, assume a worldwide total of 2.7 million operating machines, about 2.4 million of them running XP.

As of April 8, 2 million or so of these (85 percent) will be operating on outmoded, unsupported software — which is to say they’ll become a hacker’s playground.

To read more, please visit: http://www.atmmarketplace.com/article/228207/When-XP-gets-the-axe-then-what?utm_source=NetWorld%20Alliance&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=EMNADST02212014

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