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Digital Signage – Where did it start?

Signs have been around since human beings first began expressing themselves by drawing in caves. Signs developed throughout the centuries as an important part of communicating, merchants soon discovered the use of carvings, bright paint and ornamental iron would draw in more customers than their competition.

The use of signs for promotional purposes has always been around with shopkeepers ensuring their name was above the door of their business, however in 1929 when a car salesman in the US ordered the first neon signs, a new revolution in signage began.

More developments such as LED lighting were developed. For the first time, this allowed signs that could carry different messages such as ‘road open’ or ‘road closed’ and became an extremely valuable tool in road safety.

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Digital Signage Federation surpasses 500-member milestone

The Digital Signage Federation, an independent not-for-profit trade organization serving the digital signage industry, announced today that its official membership count now exceeds 500 individual active and engaged members.

All organizations that join the Digital Signage Federation do so on a paid basis and are entitled to list up to five full-time employees as individual members as part of their organizational membership. That count as of May 1 was 216 organizations, which together represent a total of 513 individual members.

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