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Indoor digital signage on television screens was first used in the 1970’s in stores with VCRs and televisions to attract customers but it was always on a closed circuit system and everything was pre-recorded. It wasn’t until recent years that companies were able to display high quality content that was supported by a broadband internet connection.

Now, thanks to the availability of high speed internet and lower cost computers and screens, a large digital signage opportunity has emerged, and much of it is delivered on the internet. Companies are getting joined together and see the same information because of this kind of technology. These networks along with better digital signage software are helping to maximize effectiveness and, ultimately, profit. Don’t be surprised if your cell phone becomes a new form of digital signage.

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Self-service highlights new United concourse at Logan AirportHow to Use Social Media and A/V to Bring in Prospective Students

Self-service facilities are a main feature of United Airlines’ new concourse at Boston’s Logan Airport, which opened on April 30, 2014. United Airlines and Massport invested $170 million on the 10-gate, 97,000 square foot Terminal B concourse, bringing United’s operations at the airport under one roof.

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick called the opening of the United concourse at Terminal B an investment in the future of Logan Airport.

The new facility includes several self-service technologies intended to streamline check-in and boarding for seasoned travelers, while allowing United employees to spend more time with customers who need extra assistance. Self-service features include self-tagging baggage kiosks, automated self-boarding gates and a new customer service center that allows passengers to resolve routine travel issues more easily.

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