Digital Signage Networks – Raspberry Pi

What Is Raspberry Pi and What Does It Mean for Digital Signage?

You may have heard about Raspberry Pi (or you soon will) and wonder about what it is. Well, it’s a credit card-sized computer that can also be configured as a dongle that was originally developed as a platform for electronics projects including student projects. It works with many programming languages including Basic, C, Java, Perl and Python.

One of the interesting capabilities from a digital signage network standpoint is that it also supports high-definition (HD) video. That means that a Raspberry Pi unit configured with WiFi can be plugged into the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port of a digital display to power a wireless digital signage display.

Raspberry Pi is offered by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, which has an excellent site dedicated to explaining the technology and offering links to resources. Wikipedia also has a good overview of the technology on the Raspberry Pi page.

Does anyone have experience with Raspberry Pi (for any purpose – not just digital signage)? If so, drop a comment.

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