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4K Displays Are Here? Are they Worth It for Digital Signage?

The answer in my opinion is – it depends. 4K displays (generally with 3840 x 2160 resolution or higher) have four times the resolution density of full HD. They’re ideal for large formats and smaller-sized displays that show visuals that require the highest levels of resolution. Even for normal visual content the crispness of the images is noticeable and impressive.

So is 4K worth it for digital signage displays? In some cases, it’ll be necessary, in other cases, it comes down to a question of presentation quality and cost. A few major considerations:

  • 4K displays are expensive
  • There is limited native 4K content
  • 4K content requires significantly more storage space and bandwidth for distribution.

Here’s a good, quick overview of 4K displays on TechRadar. It’s consumer-oriented, but will give you the idea.

Do you have any experience with 4K displays? Post a comment to the blog.

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