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Dedicated Digital Signage Media Players Are the Way to Go

When we started out, over 11 years ago, most of our installations used Windows-based PCs, even old repurposed ones to drive their digital signage displays. Today, virtually all new installations rely on dedicated media players.

StrandVision Digital Signage R360 Linux Digital Media Player

StrandVision Digital Signage R360 Linux Digital Media Player

StrandVision’s approach is to provide a small (7.5” x 6.4” x .8”) mountable wired/wireless Linux Digital Media Player. This has several advantages: The player is dedicated so it doesn’t have all kinds of other apps that can interfere or slow the media player; it’s not windows so it doesn’t require frequent patches and reboots; and, because of its operating system and the absence of applications that could be infected, it is much less likely to have malware.

The StrandVision units come preloaded with our local media player software so our customers just connect the unit and it connect with the StrandVision cloud and automatically logs in and begins playing the content. In addition, if the Internet connection is lost, the player automatically plays the local loop until the connection is restored. There are a bunch of other benefits, such as administrator notifications that make the StrandVision media player a no brainer. Check it out at:

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