Demo: 30-Day and Stand alone

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Demo: 30-Day and Stand alone

Post by Amy-StrandVision » Fri Nov 02, 2007 11:13 pm

Create a 30-day demo for your customer prior to your visit with them. Install this demo as a stand alone on your laptop.

Your customer may be willing to give you a couple of graphics (e.g., JPGs or GIFs) ahead of time. However, you may find some examples of content via their website. Go into their demo to change the PREFERENCES to their color theme & choose ADVANCED settings as well as the SPLIT SCREEN for a different display look. Send an email of the 10-page demo to your customer from within the VIEW SIGNAGE area. Give your customer the Username and the case sensitive password after your demo. They will have the remainder of 30 days to work in the software modifying content as they wish. Call Amy at StrandVision if questions about how to set up a stand alone demo for your customer at a trade show, sales at a bass tournament or football game, etc.

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