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Version History

Changes To The StrandVision Digital Signage System Change List since 05/01/2017

3.35.0107/26/2017Added weather forecast summary to the signage
3.35.0007/12/2017updated newsletter
3.34.9907/11/2017fixed a couple things with rpt_calls and tightened up valid sql date testing.
3.34.9807/10/2017fixed the calls system to look at calls, voicemail and emails based on settings.
3.34.9707/03/2017got the celebrating years to be automatic per David Fauber's comment.
3.34.9606/20/2017more work on the call campaign
3.34.9506/12/2017setup so that past due invoice reminders do not get emailed prior to 20 days before the suspend date (for importing of outdoor billboard installations).
3.34.9405/22/2017changed so that all the file reading uses the SVDSBot agent
3.34.9305/17/2017changed radar around a little bit including storing the index date/time format.
3.34.9205/09/2017added permalink to the sitemap.xml
3.34.9105/09/2017changed server issues to one message instead of several. Cleaned up sqlsyncmonths a little more.
3.34.9005/08/2017fixed a few things with the recommended changes.
3.34.8905/07/2017fixed an issue where monthly hyatt (corporate) users were not setting the renew date properly.
3.34.8805/07/2017fixed the updateactive repeat sql/unix error
3.34.8705/03/2017getting the call / email recommended messages setup in the daily processing.
3.34.8605/02/2017made sure that isactive range is using full sql date test, not just the partial test.
3.34.8505/01/2017Fixed date entry with a year of 0. Started working on storing reminders to call / email

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