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Version History

Changes To The StrandVision Digital Signage System Change List since 09/01/2016

3.33.7312/05/2016tweaked the server cron system one more time. Added total time active to the corporate purchase list. Changed the 15th's webinar to Friday so I could attend christmas party in Hudson.
3.33.7212/03/2016found out that remoteip for servers is getting set to production servers a lot of the time. Added block for that situation.
3.33.7112/02/2016adjusting the get_server_cron function
3.33.7012/02/2016fixed an issue where the ftp time difference test file was always sent to the root folder.
3.33.6912/02/2016changed to add all linux customer players to the csf.ignore file and to check for updates every time the servers call it.
3.33.6811/30/2016changed size to photosize since it was replaced by a file size in the process
3.33.6711/30/2016Setup so that noForward will skip all forwarding including secure site.
3.33.6611/30/2016trying to get campaign images to restore properly on remote players. Added more error checking now.
3.33.6511/29/2016changed so that sendserver allows full backup anytime.
3.33.6411/29/2016Setup to check for restore before setting the full database restore flag.
3.33.6311/28/2016trying to force remote_reload.php to remote players.
3.33.6211/28/2016set so that if table is missing, it is not considered a structure change.
3.33.6111/28/2016added backtrace to the emergency file download and am only sending error email once per two hours.
3.33.6011/28/2016changed lastdbupdate to use the time adjusted date instead of time()
3.33.5911/28/2016Added an error email if the mysql needs to be rebuilt on remote player
3.33.5811/28/2016made a common LastDbUpdate read and write function to have more control for when the fields are reset and version control.
3.33.5711/28/2016Changed the system to notify why full backup is happening if done too frequently.
3.33.5611/24/2016Changed so that only 2 trouble text messages can go through in a half hour. Also changed code for failed ftp full backup.
3.33.5511/24/2016fixed removing the start dir in ftp. Set end date to always add a day if not holiday.
3.33.5411/23/2016got makedate to adjust for dst (thanksgiving). Set it so that the end date of a schedule stops at midnight. changing the sellcar structure.
3.33.5311/18/2016setup to auto-remove bad ftp folders that stop the daily backup. Setup the obfuscating to do it on a new cpu thread. Split the vehicle crawl into a multi-threaded process.
3.33.5211/17/2016Changed some css in location area to use span with color class instead of font with color tag. Also revamped the display group list to allow for checking the box by clicking on the line.
3.33.5111/16/2016removed language="javascript",
and adjusted the web page scripts.
3.33.5011/11/2016change getdaylist and getdayofweek functions to be more static and more error checking.
3.33.4911/10/2016adding more reporting for invalid images.
3.33.4811/10/2016added additional error reporting for ftp failures
3.33.4711/10/2016more adjustments to get saturday to appear in next time scheduling. Got more vauto changes setup.
3.33.4611/07/2016Fixed LibVarToText again (messed up the full version). Did more on the sellyourcarinminutes vauto processing.
3.33.4511/07/2016fixed the daily backup issue (ftp created /home/svision underneath /home/svision...). Changed LibVarToText to do json_encode if single line. Fixed amazon sync of .git files.
3.33.4411/06/2016added code to delete temporary storename images. Send text when backups are not happening.
3.33.4311/05/2016setup so that dynamite autos is always pulled in if not there yet.
3.33.4211/04/2016added more error checking to the video ftp uploading that does not seem to be happening right away.
3.33.4111/04/2016fixed an issue where videos needed to not have the auto resize complex filter. Also did a little bit towards multi-threading some processes.
3.33.4011/03/2016Fixed some issues with launching phantomjs functions without waiting (temporary files were getting deleted when the php script was closed). Also got the spider system to use a database for the crawl list of sites. Verified that the phantomjs monthly downloader was working properly.
3.33.3911/02/2016moved the git tag after git commit
3.33.3811/02/2016made sure that database is not restoring before deactivating players.
3.33.3711/02/2016changed syncsql to use conditional includes. Added a backtrace function to the includescriptfiles function.
3.33.3610/17/2016fixed week range
3.33.3510/06/2016changed weather_world to look at time values rather than using index positions (which changed).
3.33.3409/30/2016Finished adding dynamite autos signage pages
3.33.3309/28/2016added ip camera feature and getting ready to import dynamite auto service saver pricing.
3.33.3209/14/2016changed the database rebuild code in remoteinitialize.