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Version History

Changes To The StrandVision Digital Signage System Change List since 04/01/2017

3.35.0007/12/2017updated newsletter
3.34.9907/11/2017fixed a couple things with rpt_calls and tightened up valid sql date testing.
3.34.9807/10/2017fixed the calls system to look at calls, voicemail and emails based on settings.
3.34.9707/03/2017got the celebrating years to be automatic per David Fauber's comment.
3.34.9606/20/2017more work on the call campaign
3.34.9506/12/2017setup so that past due invoice reminders do not get emailed prior to 20 days before the suspend date (for importing of outdoor billboard installations).
3.34.9405/22/2017changed so that all the file reading uses the SVDSBot agent
3.34.9305/17/2017changed radar around a little bit including storing the index date/time format.
3.34.9205/09/2017added permalink to the sitemap.xml
3.34.9105/09/2017changed server issues to one message instead of several. Cleaned up sqlsyncmonths a little more.
3.34.9005/08/2017fixed a few things with the recommended changes.
3.34.8905/07/2017fixed an issue where monthly hyatt (corporate) users were not setting the renew date properly.
3.34.8805/07/2017fixed the updateactive repeat sql/unix error
3.34.8705/03/2017getting the call / email recommended messages setup in the daily processing.
3.34.8605/02/2017made sure that isactive range is using full sql date test, not just the partial test.
3.34.8505/01/2017Fixed date entry with a year of 0. Started working on storing reminders to call / email
3.34.8404/25/2017changed database so that it locks the table whenever the primary index changes. Also got it so that if multiple indexes do not change, it will not run the query. Added code to fix the webstats table if hte primary index is gone - creates millions of records. Changed the importsql function to better handle the archiving of backups on amazon. Also changed it so that the backups use sql instead of linux dates. Fixed an issue with daysinmonth function.
3.34.8304/24/2017adding more info to the restore function. changing the linux player timeout to 6 hours since it seems to auto recover at 5. Started adding code for the authdb to better deal with cidr ranges.
3.34.8204/21/2017made sure g_sess is setup for several areas. Fixed the importftpdata so that it sends trouble errors properly.
3.34.8104/11/2017changed DeleteAllButMax so that it would replicate to other servers properly.
3.34.8004/07/2017updating htmlwalk and processwebsite
3.34.7904/06/2017changed how text alerts are done for hyatt people system.
3.34.7804/05/2017set to ftp using blocked mode (all at once) if less than buffer minimum size. Turned out sending zero byte files does not work well with non blocked mode.
3.34.7704/04/2017added full screen to the report content area.

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