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StrandVision and Shuttle Computer Group, Inc. Announce Digital Media Player Marketing Agreement for Electronic Signage Networks

r360_front_angledStrandVision LLC and Shuttle Computer Group, Inc. just announced a marketing agreement under which StrandVision will sell a new digital signage point-of-display digital media player. The device is based on Shuttle DS61 hardware that comes preloaded with, and is optimized to display, StrandVision’s patented digital signage content software.

Branded the StrandVision R360 Digital Media Player, the new player is a slim (6.5″ x 7.5″ x 1.75”), powerful x86-based Linux digital signage platform that offers the best quality, performance and connectivity to process high-quality digital media. When coupled with StrandVision’s Internet–based, hassle-free, digital signage software, it presents an unparalleled electronic signage package.

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Why (Android) digital signage players are not created equal

The digital signage industry appeared to have woken up suddenly in the past year to embrace Android as if it were the savior for us all. I recently had the chance to join Adrian Cotterill, editor-in-chief of DailyDOOH, at a digital signage seminar with 300-plus attendees. I nodded hard when I heard Adrian proclaiming that “launching an Android player is not innovation.” Indeed, these days it is easy to find plenty of “free” digital signage apps available for download, and lots of cheap Android tablets, boxes, and sticks reviewed by digital signage bloggers. Is this really what the next-gen all about?

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