Steps to setup StrandVision Digital Signage

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Steps to setup StrandVision Digital Signage

Post by mjstrand » Fri Sep 24, 2004 2:46 pm

Once the StrandVision Digital Signage is created, it needs to be displayed. The preview page works on the current computer. To display it to your customers, vendors and employees, you can set up a digital signage playback computer to automatically display your digital signage. You only need to do these steps once for each computer system that is displaying your signage unless you change your passwords.
  • *Before you start the process we recommend that you assign a user name and password for your digital signage "view only" terminal. To do this click here ( ... .php&e=1#0).
    *Go to the computer that will be playing your digital signage.
    *Open Internet Explorer or Netscape (Internet Explorer removes the windows frame which looks better).
    *Go to
    *Click on View Signage
    *Enter your administration username (mjstrand) and password (click here if you forgot your password).
    *Click on the "View Signage" menu selection to open up the links for your kiosk.
    *Below this symbol are two links to set your browser's home page. If you are running Internet Explorer, click on the link to set the home page for Internet Explorer. If you are running Netscape, left click on the next message with your mouse and drag it onto the Netscape home button.
    *Close your browser and restart it again. Your digital signage should appear. If it does not, then you may have a popup blocker enabled. It is important that you allow popups for this site on this computer so that your kiosk will automatically restart in case of a power outage. Refer to the popup blocker instructions to enable popups for this site.
You may want to automatically start your browser when your computer restarts. On computers running Windows 95, ME, NT, 2000, XP and newer:
  • *Find a shortcut to your web browser on your desktop, click on it and press Control-C (to copy the shortcut to the Windows clipboard).
    *Right click on the start button with your mouse and left click on explore.
    *Open up the Programs folder and then select the Startup folder.
    *Paste the shortcut into the Startup folder by pressing Control-V or selecting Edit, Paste.
    *You can now close windows explorer.
    *Restart your computer to ensure that the digital signage starts when you log in.
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