Never underestimate what you can do

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Never underestimate what you can do

Post by mjstrand » Wed Oct 14, 2009 10:36 pm

I have the habit of underestimating my abilities and also underestimating the value of the things that I do for others. I have also discovered that a lot of people are their worst enemy for succeeding in life. I have had lots of lessons over my life. One of my best lessons was when I was young and foolish (now that I am almost 50 now). I started my previous company, StrandWare, with a business plan that had the company doing over $2 million in sales in 3 years with a profit margin of around 20%. Being naive and inexperienced, I boldly went forward and exceeded every aspect of the plan. That success continued (far beyond my expectations) until I sold the company in 2000. We are doing it again in the digital signage industry with our now 5 year old company StrandVision.

What I'm trying to get across is that it is Very Important not to set limits that are too low in your mind. It is human nature to be overly cautious since society and the nurturing portion of our young life most always sets up rules (limits). To be wildly successful (beyond your wildest dreams), you must first dream wildly! From there, commit to take at least one step each day towards those dreams! You may or may not make it beyond your dreams, but you will definitely be surprised and amazed at how far you will go.
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