Balancing Employee Relationships

Since almost half of all companies want to use digital signage systems to promote to their own employees. This is an area where you can share the good and bad experiences of motivating your employees.


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Balancing Employee Relationships

Post by mjstrand » Tue Nov 23, 2004 6:00 pm

With the high cost of healthcare and other benefits as well as the expense for any downsizing and rightsizing that may occur, we all want our employees happy and motivated. One of the best ways to get the most productivity out of employees is to foster a strong and respectful relationship where they enjoy their work.

Employees are quickly becoming the most expensive and also can be the most valuable assets that companies have. Although it may be easier to ignore your staff when they are doing well and deal with issues when they come up, it better to have a more balanced relationship with them. The easiest way to build better employees is to allocate 2 minutes per week to personally go out and visit each staff member (it is less obtrusive if you visit at their location - not your office). Take the time to be genuinely interested in how their job is going and any suggestions or recommendations that they may have. Give them the authority to make any changes that they come up with by asking them questions about how "they" can implement the changes and what assistance they need from others. At least once per month, take the time to find out one new piece of their personal life such as their hobbies, family member names and interests, concerns that they are working through, etc. It is best if you do not bring pen and paper to these meetings, but if you are like me, you may need to write it down shortly afterwards to remember it. If you dont remember something when you are visiting, admit it. They will realize that at least you remembered talking about it before which is valuable as well.

These meetings will help you to build a more consistent communication with your staff which will make it easier for both of you when issues come up, and will also empower them to change things that they see can be improved. It also helps them to understand how you work and more of your vision for the company.
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