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Allows Installers and Resellers of related equipment and software to discuss issues and ideas related to sales and marketing, installation and software setup, configuration and maintenance.


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reseller program

Post by mjstrand » Sun Jun 13, 2004 10:42 pm

We do have a reseller program. We call our resellers "installers". If you look on the site, you will see that there are a few installer sections on the partners area including the installer login. The various aspects of the installer login are not totally completed, and only approved resellers are able to access that area. The referrals area does work though (and you will notice that you have a great opportunity for lots of exposure if you sign up). Essentially, you have the option to pre-purchase subscriptions (we issue you a unique promotion code that the customer types in) at our deepest discount. If the customer pays for the service themselves, renews their subscription or adds additional capabilities (we handle the complete transaction and accept their credit card directly), then you will be paid a slightly smaller percentage of the sale via a paypal payment on a quarterly basis. We also incent you to provide links on your web site and marketing with a special tracking link. If the customer signs up for the free trial subscription, you are automatically flagged as that customer's installer so that future purchases get credited to you. Of course you have to be entered in the system too, so I recommend that you sign up for the trial account (there is no obligation now - or ever - to sign up). You have an unlimited time to play around with the system to get a feel of what your customers will see. I also recommend that you view the purchase screen so that you can see how the "installer code" works. If you are identified as the customer's installer, it will always be pre-filled in with that until they type in a new valid installer code (a safety mechanism for us in case they dont want to work with you as their installer anymore).
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