How does the pricing work?

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Doug Franklin
How does the pricing work?

Post by Doug Franklin » Thu Nov 11, 2004 9:40 pm

I reviewed your marketing brochure printout over the weekend and it is very good. The pricing paragraph on the second page though confuses me a little. I understand the concept of paying for 12 months up front and thus getting the full year pricing for the basic system of $54.95 per month times 12. And it looks like you can pay quarterly or monthly which results in a higher monthly price which makes sense. So, does that mean that if you put a credit card on file with Online-Kiosks that a monthly charge of $69.95 is placed against the card?

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Renewal Payments

Post by mjstrand » Thu Nov 11, 2004 10:46 pm

As for renewal payments, the customer always has to initiate the charge at this time, so yes it is $69.65 each time. We are all after a longer term commitment which is why the longer prices get cheaper. We want less of a reason for people to leave which is likely when they buy month to month (they are not totally sold yet). We do save all the card information in a very secure format, so the order process is 3 clicks. The first is go to the purchase area. The next is to click next to approve the suggested order - and adding anything else they may want is extra clicks. Once they have already ordered using credit card, their past information is already entered. If it is ok, they can just accept it. The final click is to approve the order.

Now that I just described all that, perhaps we should just make a "one click ordering" button on the email renewal form when they have a non-expired credit card on file. That could allow them to just click the final approval checkbox or maybe just enter the order with that one button.

We could probably do an auto-renewal too, but I believe that there are issues with that where we need a physical (faxed) signature. If anyone has any information on this issue, I would be appreciative. I will probably offer terms to larger companies that have proven their payment history (they would need a valid credit card on file too).
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