Advertising Agency benefits of digital signage

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Advertising Agency benefits of digital signage

Post by mjstrand » Sat Jun 04, 2005 4:28 pm

Ad agencies have great ptential to resell or get paid to recommend the digital signage offerings contained on this forum. Digital Signage has evolved quite a bit and over the past couple of years and I've learned that ad agencies are looking for more ways to help their customers, and I've learned the high cost and low reach of television these days compared to the 1960's. I've also learned that ad agencies are trying to find ways to get paid a percentage on sales improvements for their work. The industry is in the early stages of making ad agencies the "target audience", so new features probably need to be developed. Many things are complete for the basics of easy to setup content, a variety of content that is automatically kept fresh for the customer (like news, weather, stock quotes, trivia, community events). There is also the opportunity for amazing results tracking where cameras mounted at the digital sign and above it can measure the performance of each individual message (whether people stop or point) and potentially even identify where the viewer looks to micro-adjust the messages that you create. Some products are web based. Since the web site determines the playback schedule and knows which specific ad is playing and can also be tied into many information systems, emails can be sent as ad performance decreases to a specific level and the schedule can be automatically adjusted over time (for example, ads targeted to men being played in the evenings versus women in the daytime). Retailers are starting to get into digital signage to get the product out of the packaging without all the clutter. Preliminary industry research shows that even poorly done digital signage increases sales and profits by 5% and with the potential for increased success of the cross sell, it can be as high as 25%. For larger retail stores, it averages 9% at the start growing to about 12% as the messages and sign locations are optimized. Wouldnt it be cool if you could take .5% of that increase into the agency? If nothing else, I'll bet your customers would be pretty pleased with that kind of result.
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Ad Agencies

Post by Amy-StrandVision » Tue Oct 25, 2005 5:43 pm

This a brief email sent to us from an ad agency contact about the benefits of digital signage and the future.....

This is actually a medium I've had some exposure to. With the last agency I was with I worked on a small account that has distribution all over the US and parts of Canada. Because of their small size and short product line, they couldn't afford the high-exposure mediums like TV or national radio.

All of which to say, we, as their agency, had to get creative with
how we exposed the public (and most importantly the target) to our marketing messages. To do this, I worked very closely with our media department. I sat in many, many meeting with reps that provided everything form direct mail to point-of-purhcase exposures.

This is when we found out about plasma screens that were appearing in high traffic areas like grocery stores and buses, which I of course sought out to see for myself. They're fantastic because of their position. I mean, can you think of a better place to get someone's attention than a line at a grocery store or standing on a crowded bus? You want to look at them and read everything because it makes your daunting wait go by that much quicker.

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