The customer and emotional marketing

Most companies are interested in communicating with their customers in one form or another. This is an area where you can ask about new ways of marketing to your customers as well as share your experiences of advertising to your customers. Remember to include what type of business you work at in your postings.


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The customer and emotional marketing

Post by mjstrand » Fri May 20, 2005 2:29 pm

I am the type that doesn't like to do cold calling for sales. I am sure you have heard this before, but a little reminder never hurts any of us. Customers prefer solutions. Also be aware that the customer to target selling to may never buy a thing. The marketing messages that you present to end users or your "customer" needs to tie into their emotions conveying a message that solves their needs. In this day of personalization, we all need to focus our efforts on getting paid for solving the needs of the many rather than trying to sell. Do you know who your real buyer is and what their top line need is?

For the Online-Kiosks digital signage product, I discovered that the end user is not my customer. It is the reseller channel. Recently I discovered that advertising agencies may be my best "customer", even though they will never buy a thing (only recommend). They talk to the customer when they want to find creative new ways to market their product. Of course everyone wants to more sales, but the emotional thing for the digital signage product is happy customers who return again and again and employees who work flawlessly as a team.
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