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Digital Signage News

School Planning & Management Discusses Digital Signage

Mike Strand participated in a "roundup" article that is an excellent introduction to digital signage for schools… (read more)

StrandVision Office Move

StrandVision will be moving its offices with the new year… (read more)

Tips and Techniques

It's Easy to Add Cable or Satellite Programming to your Digital Sign

Several StrandVision clients add TV programming to the digital signage, either in split-screen or full-screen modes. It's easy to do, so we've updated and republished our instructions. Check them out! You could add popular programs to your installation in no time at all… (read more)


Mike Strand's Regular Column in VSR Online Talks Partnerships

Mike Strand now has a monthly column on technologies and business issues for resellers in VSR Online. We'll be featuring his columns in this section. The December article on forming partnerships in a down economy is entitled: "An Unconventional Business Model"… (read more)

Digital Designs

NJCU Promotes Green Initiatives

New Jersey City University uses StrandVision Digital Signage to enhance student life and communications, including its recycling and green programs… (read more)

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