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Digital Signage News

Mercy Center – Messages are sign of the times.

The StrandVision Digital Signage system in the 140-bed skilled nursing unit and a personal care facility was highlighted in a recent issue of the Wilkes-Barre, PA Times Leader… (read more)

Timely Templates

Fourth of July Events and Employee Recognition

To help you recognize your staff who have done great things for you, the following templates will offer a bright list of people. The other set will let you display upcoming Fourth of July events for your employees and visitors..… (Visit Forum)

Tips & Techniques

Linux Digital Signage Player is Optimized for StrandVision Playback

Did you know that StrandVision offers a pre-configured Linux-based digital signage player that comes pre-loaded with playback software and can operate in connected or standalone modes? It's fully optimized for graphics and can be mounted on the back of a playback screen… (read more)


You Don’t Have to Cram to be Successful in the Education Market

Check out StrandVision’s latest VSR Online article "You Don’t Have to Cram to be Successful in the Education Market" by Mike Strand. It’s a great overview of the potential for digital signage in schools and colleges. The article offers lots of ideas on how you can break into this market by recommending innovative uses and applications… (read more)

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