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Digital Signage News

StrandVision Offers Time Management Digital Signage Communication Animated Templates

Our latest digital signage campaign library offers Time Management tips to your employees and visitors. This employee communication content includes approximately 50 templates covering a wide range of topics from encouraging strong habits, personal and professional balance and tips to keep schedules on-track. You can choose to add this communication library topic along with the other library topics on your electronic signage portal up to the limits of your subscription level… (see samples)

Tips & Techniques

Digital Signage Content Enhancements Offer Easier and More Versatile Signage Content Setup

We've been busy enhancing your content management setup area, now offering easier setup of your signage content. The modify signage area now allows for changes to be made without the need to redraw the entire screen. This not only improves speed and bandwidth usage, but also keeps you from losing your place as you design.

We have also completed the rewrite of photo, powerpoint and video uploading using drag and drop technology. This new system does not use Adobe Flash, so not only will it work on mobile phones and Mac's, but you can also drag files from other programs onto the upload area and take a photo or video to be uploaded right from the content manager. We hope you have been enjoying these new capabilities and we have many more to come.


StrandVision Customer Advisory Board

Did you know that StrandVision has a Customer Advisory Board? Although we are always listening to all of our customers for new feature ideas, members of this customer based board also have the ability to provide feedback on new development during the design, development and pre-release review process. This is a great chance to participate in the continuous improvement of your digital signage experience. Just contact Mike Strand at mjstrandweb at to get more information or sign on… (read more)

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