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Digital Signage News

Summary Weather Forecast

Thanks to user feedback, we have enhanced our weather forecast page. This new capability allows multiple columns to summarize upcoming weather in addition to the previous weather text option. To change from the default "Summary Forecast" value, log in, click on the Signage Pages tab and select your weather page. Set the "Show Summary Forecast" to "No" for text based weather. While you are there, check out the other Intermediate or higher user settings which include adding a photo and selecting from English / Spanish / French languages.

PDF File Conversion

We know that many StrandVision users have pdf documents that are provided to them as content. We have added the ability to upload PDF files in addition to powerpoint files in the powerpoint conversion area. In most cases these documents are not formatted well for a digital signage screen so you need to be watchful when using them. TIP - if you use this new capability with text on your document, you may need to give your viewers more time to read the text. To do this, modify the newly added page in Intermediate or higher user mode and set the Page Duration in seconds or Photo Effect to slow, medium or fast scrolling so the text on the slide can be read. If you have any questions on these capabilities, please let us know.

Tips & Techniques

Signage Content Report

Have you ever seen a slide on your signage that you are not sure where it is originating from? The Signage Content report makes this much quicker to find than viewing each individual page in the Modify Signage area. By logging in, hovering over the Reports tab and clicking on Content, you will get a printable report of all your signage pages with lots of details including thumbnails of every image. This also is handy to share with your manager or colleagues… (see your signage content)


Don't Forget To Change Your Passwords

After the recent Equifax breach, most of us are watching our credit reports and not sure what else we should do to protect ourselves from stolen personal information. Freezing your credit will stop new loans, bank accounts and credit cards, but identity theft / fraud often goes way beyond that. There are other ways that your personal information can be used against you. Identity theft can impact your email systems, bank accounts, IRA tax status, health records and even your digital signage. We recommend that you change your passwords at least once per quarter – not only for your digital signage, but all areas of your electronic existence. If you have not changed your StrandVision password recently, we recommend that you take a moment to change your StrandVision signage password and review your other Internet acounts to help prevent becoming an identity fraud casualty.

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